Angular 2 - Introduction

Angular is built upon a component model packed with some amazing features for a Javascript framework. 
This version of Angular was more focused on the development of mobile apps, as it allowed developers to create cross platform applications.

     Key Features:

      ·        Dependency Injection 
·        Ultra-fast change detection 
·        Structure rich templates combined with ease of use interactions with existing on properties and events, and built in comprehensive routing
·         Introduced child router, Screen Activator and Logging features etc. 
·        Introduced types of directives :
a)    Component Directives: They made components reusable by encapsulating logic in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
b)    Decorator Directives: They can be used to decorate elements (for example, Hiding/Showing elements by ng-hide/ng-show or adding a tooltip).
c)    Template Directives: These can turn HTML into a reusable template. The instantiating of this template and its insertion into the DOM could be completely controlled by the directive writer. Examples include ng-repeat and ng-if.