Angular 7 Introduction

Angular 7 is completely built on components, it is made of several components forming a tree structure with parent and child components.

What is a Component ?
A component is an independent block or section of the web page that communicates with the other components of the web page using inputs and outputs parameters. A component has associated views, data, styles, functionality and may have parent and child components too.

Components allow maximum re-usability, easy to test, maintenance and lazy loading type of features.

1)      Install node from
2)      For angular 7 install Node.js version 8.x or greater than 8.x
3)      Check node version by running “node –v” in a console window.
4)      Check if npm is installed by running “npm –v” in a console window.

Angular 7 Installation:
1)      Angular updated versions runs on angular-cli, in order to install angular cli type “npm -g install @angular/cli” in the terminal. Which will install the latest version of angular.
2)       Check your angular version withng version”.
3)      Version info will contain following details : Angular-cli, Node version, OS info.