NVM Installation & usage on Windows

Below are the steps for NVM Installation on Windows:

NVM stands for node version manager, which will help to switch the your node versions for specific use. It also allows the user to work with multiple npm and node versions.

1) Update node version to 10.13.0 
        a) Install NVM by downloading from "nvm-setup.zip" : https://github.com/coreybutler/nvm-windows/releases
3) Copy the settings.txt from the "C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\nvm" to "C:\Users\ YOUR_USERNAME"
4) Restart your system for the changes to reflect.
5) Open the console and type below command :
         nvm list
6) To install the 6.9.3 version run the below command :
         nvm install 6.9.3
7) After the installation is complete it will add the node version in the nvm. To check the same type command :
         nvm list
8) To switch the command version type command below command :
         nvm use 6.9.3
         To verify the node version switch type the command “node –v”
9) Its will display the node version in use.