AngularJS Introduction

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, used for developing single page applications.
Key Features:
-          Open source framework
-          Easy to use
-          Inbuilt features like directives, filters, form validations etc
-          Support both MVC and MVVM design pattern.
-          It manipulates the DOM element within the DOM object, so it is faster than other libraries like jQuery etc.

Prerequisites for developing an Angular js application:
-          Understanding of HTML 5, CSS, Ajax.
-          DOM tree structure
Topics covered:

Basics of AngularJS:
     - Using Inbuilt Directives, Modules, expressions, model, data bindings, controllers, forms, routing, filters.

Advance of AngularJS:
- Scope life cycle, Custom directives, services, HTTP service, RESTful resources, bootstrapping angular application, dependency inject, custom filters, nested routes, maintaining state, understanding scope and rootScope, digest cycle, building multiple views.