VueJS Introduction

VueJS is an open source JavaScript framework for interactive web interfaces. It is used to simplify web development. Its primary focus is on view layers.

Key Features : 
a) Virtual DOM
    VueJS uses virtual DOM. The CRUD operations are not happening at the real DOM, instead a copy of the DOM is created which is in the form of JavaScript data structures and all the updated are done to a copy of data structures so that it is less expensive and update rate is faster.

b) Data binding
It helps in manipulating or assigning a values to HTML attributes, changing style, assigning classes The directive is named as v-bind.

c) Components
 Re-usability of features, loads independently.
 Re-usability of features, Loads independently.

d) Event handling
v-on it is used to listen the events on Vue JS.
e) Animation/Transition
 It has a built-in transition component.